How Realtors Can Increase Offers and Sale Price By Working with a Contracting Company

When it comes to selling a property, Vancouver real estate agents are constantly looking for ways to maximize the sale price and increase offers they receive. Realtors are always trying to get an upper hand on one another, to get more listings, more showings and more importantly more sales above asking. Most realtors know they can get more offers by marketing their listings on social media, having open houses, using professional photography and staging to present the property in the best light to help increase its appeal to potential buyers, hopefully leading to more offers. 


There seems to be one often overlooked strategy, partnering with a contracting company. By working together, realtors and contractors can make strategic improvements to the property that will enhance its value and appeal to potential buyers. 


In this article, we will explore some of the ways this type of collaboration will lead to a quicker and higher sale price. Not to mention, the high praise your client will give you when their homes sold way over what they had originally imagined would be possible. 


Realtors in Vancouver looking to increase offers and sale prices for the properties they represent will benefit from the services of a contracting company. From minor maintenance tasks to improving curb appeal and general clean up, contracting companies can help bring life back to the property. Showcasing the home’s best features, helping the potential new home owner really be able to visualize themselves in the home. 


Benefits for Realtors


Realtors that work with a contracting company find their efforts are well worth it. Contracting companies help make sure that any property looks its best, making it way easier for potential buyers to be able to see themselves settling into a property. Very few people actually want to move into a project house and even if they’re ambitious enough to take on the challenge they definitely don’t want it to be filthy. By partnering with a contracting company there are several benefits for Vancouver realtors when it comes to their listings. 


First, contractors will help identify and make strategic improvements to the property that will enhance its value and appeal to potential buyers. Making these improvements will lead to a higher sale price. Secondly, working with a contracting company will save Vancouver realtors an enormous amount of time and effort, since they do not have to coordinate and oversee the various aspects of the renovation or improvement process themselves. Third, contractors can offer expertise and knowledge in the latest design trends and building practices, which will help realtors make informed decisions about the best improvements to make to the property. Finally, partnering with a reputable contracting company helps realtors build their reputation as a trusted and effective agent who is committed to helping their clients maximize the value of their property. This might just mean the difference between a property sitting on the market for a long time and receiving a quick, high-priced offer. 


In addition to the improved sale prices, working with a contracting company allows the realtor to focus on other tasks and marketing strategies. This can help the realtor maximize their time and effort to find more buyers. 

Benefits for Buyers


There are several benefits for a buyer when a realtor uses a contracting company in Vancouver to help clean up a listing. When it comes to buying a property, buyers often look for a move-in-ready home that meets their needs. So, potential home buyers benefit the most when their realtors partner with contracting companies to make strategic improvements to any of their listed properties.


First, buyers are often looking for a move-in-ready property, and strategic improvements made by a contracting company can make any property more appealing and easier to live in from day one. Second, buyers can avoid the stress and cost of managing renovations or improvements themselves, as the contracting company will have already handled it for them. Third, buyers will benefit from the expertise of the contracting company, which can help ensure that the improvements made to the property are of high quality and completed in a timely manner. Fourth, buyers may be able to negotiate a better deal or purchase price for the property if the realtor has partnered with a contracting company to make improvements that enhance the property’s value. Overall, the involvement of a contracting company can make the buying process smoother and more satisfying for all home buyers, helping them find a property that fits exactly what they’re looking for.

How to Find a Contracting Company


Finding a contracting company is not difficult and there are many to choose from. The only important thing is to do your research and find one that is reliable, trustworthy, and provides quality services. Check the company’s reviews to get a better idea of what to expect when you do hire them. 


Once you have found a reputable contracting company, it is important to discuss the scope of the project, the timeline, and the cost. This will ensure that everything is in place and that the project runs smoothly. 


Working with a contracting company can be an excellent way for realtors to increase offers and sale prices for their properties. Contracting companies are experts in their field and can help make any property look its best. This added value can be the difference between receiving a high-priced offer or having a property sit on the market for a long time. Vancouver Realtors should do their research to find a reputable contracting company and discuss the scope of the project, timeline. 


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