5 Simple Tips for Realtors to Get Home’s Sold Faster & for More Money

As a realtor, it’s obvious your number one goal is to sell properties at the highest price possible while making sure your clients receive a painless experience throughout the entire process. 

You know that the real estate market in Vancouver is extremely competitive. You’re always looking for ways to stand out from the crowd and maximize your commissions. 

Lots of realtors think the only way to get eyes on their listings is to focus on marketing to help showcase the property. Thinking that more eyes means more offers, more offers gets quicker sales, quicker sales brings more happy clients. All sounds good in theory but realtors seem to forget that one of the simplest ways to get more eyes on their listings is by drastically improving the look of the property with a few simple tasks. And no, drastically improving the property does NOT have to break the bank. 

In this article we’re going to go over how you can work with your clients to improve their property with simple yet huge result driven jobs like pressure washing, moss removal, landscaping, painting, and decluttering that can completely transform the home’s curb appeal, increasing the amount of offers and more importantly the sale price! 

We’re also going to show you the best ways to help get your clients on board because not only will they benefit from a more attractive property, but you’ll both enjoy a higher sale price. By taking the time to invest in these small improvements, you can make a big impact on your real estate business. So let’s dive in and explore how you can help your clients improve their property and maximize your commissions.

Here are 5 simple tips on how you can help maximize your commissions in 1 day or less by improving your client’s homes curb appeal:

1) Pressure washing can greatly improve a home’s curb appeal by removing built-up dirt, grime, and other debris that can accumulate over time on exterior surfaces. Pressure washing in Vancouver will do a number of things for your home to help bring it back to life.

Cleaning and brightening surfaces by removing unsightly stains, discolorations, and even mold or mildew from siding, driveways, walkways, and other exterior surfaces will instantly brighten up the appearance of your client’s home, making it look cleaner and newer. Clean surfaces make a home a lot more attractive to potential buyers.

Damage prevention by removing damaging substances like salt, sand, and dirt from exterior surfaces, which can cause irreparable damage over time. By cleaning these surfaces, you can prevent costly repairs and maintain the overall integrity of your home’s exterior. This will translate into a higher sale price and a faster sale.

2) Moss and other growths can take hold on a home’s roof and outdoor areas making them look unkempt and outdated. Moss removal can make a home more visually appealing, safer, and longer-lasting, which will attract more buyers knowing they’re buying a home that has been well maintained.

Moss removal in Vancouver will increase the home’s longevity and protect the home from damage to the roof, causing leaks and other issues that can reduce the home’s lifespan. By removing moss, buyers will know that the home’s roof will last longer, saving them money in the long run. 

Moss will make concrete surfaces slippery, increasing the risk of slip and fall accidents. By removing moss, buyers can be confident that they are purchasing a home with a safe living environment, which can be an important consideration for families with young children or elderly residents.

3) A well-maintained lawn and garden can dramatically improve the appearance of a home. Encourage your clients to add colorful flowers, well-manicured shrubs, and healthy grass to their property to create a welcoming and attractive atmosphere.

Overgrown trees can make a property look unkempt and even dangerous if branches are hanging over walkways or power lines. By trimming trees and shrubs, a home’s landscape will look neat and well-maintained, while also improving safety. 

Performing simple clean tasks like edging the lawn will create a clear boundary between lawn and garden areas, giving a clean and polished look. This makes a landscape appear more organized and attractive, which can boost a home’s overall appearance.

4) A fresh coat of paint can completely transform the look of a home. If you suggest to your clients to repaint the trim, exterior or interior of their home to create a more modern, updated look that will attract buyers.

Newly painted walls and trim can significantly enhance a home’s curb appeal, making it more attractive to potential buyers. A well-painted home will stand out and increase the perceived value of the property just with a little bit of paint 

A freshly painted home with well-maintained trim will show the potential buyers that the home has been taken care of and they’re not left to clean up someone else’s mess. Which will increase the resale value of a property, making it more appealing on the market. Working with your clients to bring their home to life will result in a faster sale and a higher sale price.

5) A cluttered home can be a major turnoff to potential buyers. Encourage your clients to declutter their home by getting rid of unnecessary items and organizing their belongings. 

A clean, clutter-free home is way more attractive to buyers. Clearing out the unnecessary furniture and personal things that have no value to potential buyers will make the home look a lot more spacious. When a home is full of clutter, it makes the space look small and cramped. By removing unnecessary items, you can make the room look more open and spacious, which is something that buyers always appreciate.

Excess clutter is the perfect way to distract buyers from the desirable features of the home. You can take the time and make it easier for buyers to focus on the unique features of the home rather than the junk.

Now that we know what we need to do to improve our listings with a little tender love and care we need to get our clients on-board. Pitching these services to clients is an important part of the process but by taking the time you will definitely reap the rewards come closing day or what we like to call money day. 

Here are 5 easy to remember tips on how you can get your clients on board:

1) Emphasize the importance of curb appeal: It is crucial that you explain to your clients that the appearance of their property is vital for attracting potential buyers. Many homebuyers make snap judgments based on first impressions, so it’s important to create a welcoming and attractive exterior to entice them into visualizing themselves in your client’s home.

2) Explain the return on investment: By completing these quick 1 day jobs like pressure washing, moss removal, landscaping, painting, and decluttering, the home will become way more appealing to any potential buyer that walks through the doors. Which will lead to higher offers and a higher sale price. You have to show your clients the return on investment of these improvements, and how they can not only save time by getting their home sold faster but how they will benefit financially from investing in them.

3) Provide examples: It always helps to show your clients before-and-after photos of properties that have had similar improvements made to them. Seeing the dramatic difference will help them visualize the impact these improvements can have on their own property.

4) Connect them with reputable contractors: Clients might be hesitant to invest in these improvements thinking they have to spend the time finding the right contractors if they have no idea who to hire or how much it will cost. If you give them a list of reputable contractors or one all-in-one service who can complete the work quickly and within their budget will make things a lot easier for both you and your client. 

5) Make it as easy as possible for them: As a realtor in Vancouver, you can take the lead and make the process super simple for your clients. For example, you can coordinate with the contractor or contractors to ensure the work is completed quickly and efficiently, without putting additional stress on your clients. So all they have to do is sit and back and watch the offers come in.

By effectively explaining to your clients how to improve the curb appeal of their property and getting them on-board, you will increase the number of offers which will ultimately raise the sale price. Completing quick jobs like pressure washing in Vancouver, moss removal, landscaping, painting, and decluttering, you can transform the appearance of a home, attract more buyers, and ultimately maximize your commissions as a realtor.

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